What Is Email Marketing?
It is the act of promoting a product, marketing a service, narrating a story, or engaging with audiences by email. It is a very cost-efficient method to influence, connect, reach and engage your consumers but it needs that you convey the right email to the right audiences at the correct time. Our services can help you send a right and informative message through campaigns that are cost-effective and delivered successfully to the right people.

Varieties of Email Marketing
Some of the popular methods of mail marketing include newsletters, blogs, retention messages, and promotional emails with exclusive discounts & offers. It is all about making people recognise and believe in your brand, and it is one of the most powerful and productive methods to do that. 2dayMakehub mail solutions are drafted to support large and small firms to optimize and analyse their marketing.

Service We Offer:-

Build Strategies For Your Business
To improve open rates, we build solid strategies for you and make your receivers desire to open email messages first. For example, blogs that are full of valuable advice and information might be more useful and helpful for your customers than sales promos. Once you have won the trust and build your audience, customers are also willing to open up emails that are promotional in nature.

Set up Campaigns
Our team is able to create, organise and blast emails to connect with your customers as well as handle your marketing campaign to accelerate your sales and profitability.

Template Design
Our graphic designers are talented and provide you with template designing solutions which are according to the compliance and hence increase deliverability. Our expert designers convey your story and messages in such a way that customers can connect and increase their engagement with your brand.

Tracking & Reporting
We will provide you regular reporting on the key phases of your campaign such as who opened your mail at what time of day, clicked a link to the landing page and who converted.