We probably don’t need to explain you that there is no place better than social media platforms to promote your products & services and get the attention of your target audience. When deciding where to place your ads, it’s also important to know which channels are most popular with your target audience. Where is your target group most engaged, most intensively involved and most accessible?

According to a recent study of marketers, Facebook continues the single most powerful social media marketing platform out there.

A huge 95.8 per cent of respondents in The Future of Social Marketing article placed Facebook as one of the topmost drivers of return on investment (ROI) among all the social networks.

This is because Facebook has 1.79 billion unique monthly active users contributing at least 40 minutes per day on the site. It is the best place to promote your products, build brand awareness, and engage with your customers.

But maybe you didn’t know how frequently people are using Facebook to communicate with businesses of all sizes. For example, two-thirds of Facebook users state they visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week.

Potential buyers are already scanning for companies like yours on Facebook. A clear focused Facebook marketing approach is the only way to penetrate into this existing audience.

Our Facebook Marketing Services
Our method for Facebook Marketing is similar to our approach to marketing in general:  RESEARCH > TEST > TRACK > OPTIMIZE > RESULT.  Clearly put, you can’t maximize what you fail to measure and track. Better data equals better outcomes.

We create custom strategies and manage your all Facebook ad campaigns for different audiences to best target your company and brand. Every company and product has different audiences, different user behaviours and geographies. That's why we rigorously analyse your audience and make custom visuals and contents for specifically your Facebook ad campaign which makes us high-performing FACEBOOK AD-CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT agency

We can precisely pinpoint the pain of your consumers and provide your business solutions as a cure. This will lead to greater user engagement and reveal audiences who are more willing to convert and even be your returned customers.

We have advanced precise strategies to increase conversions. If you have an eCommerce store, products and services, we are sure you will increase your conversion rate in no time.

If your current business is unfamiliar to your target audience, We assist you to run brand awareness ads. This way we can first create trust among your consumers. We also support you get more fans and followers than your opponents.

Facebook has its own way of lead generation methods. 2dayMakehub has some strategies to spark curiosity among your customers and enforce them to provide their data. This data will also help us cultivate your target audience and create future marketing campaigns.

Finally, with a ‘test and refine’ strategy and a little persistence, we have found some of the best strategies through which most businesses – big and small – can successfully promote their app through Facebook ads and keep their users engaged.

We use some of the customized ads for your business. For example, we begin creating your presence with Facebook Pages, Instagram business profiles. We also make assured that your store location, working hours and the most reliable ways to communicate you are up to date so your customers can visit your shop and get in touch.

This is the most profitable tactic which we use to redirect the traffic to the landing page to achieve the desired targets.

In order to become a customer, one has to first Like the page and become your follower.

Followers are 28 per cent more likely than non-Followers to continue using a specific brand.

Followers are 41 per cent more likely than non-Followers to recommend a product.

To achieve this real fan base of Followers our team strive hard to deliver relevant content and visuals for you. 

What Makes 2dayMakehub Different

Our goal is to be the best logical, data-driven online marketing and social media marketing firm! Unlike other social marketing companies, we operate from the viewpoint of a business owner and we analyse from the perspective of the customer

We strive to provide excellent service by offering the following to all our clients:

A DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER, someone who is passionate and understand social media marketing, to be your guide.

DETAILED MONTHLY REPORTS so that you can connect our performance to your bottom line.

A SUPPORT TEAM that constitutes an analyst, web designer/developer, and a dedicated expert copywriter and content writer.