Why lead generation with 2dayMakehub?

Business owners today face many difficulties in how to advertise their businesses and make quality leads which drives the sales and ultimately run the business and increase the returns.

Research proves that 75% of consumers globally have shifted from traditional shopping to online shopping. This is where lead generation plays a significant role in making a large number of conversions with the help of your lead generation agency.

Lead generation is needed to make smooth sales pipeline and capture interest in the product and services. 

Lead generation has been evolving significantly in recent years due to social media and online presence. Having expert in the techniques of lead generation, our services has everything what it needs to help you get quality leads that will build interest and people buying into your services.

Our service is outlined to kickstart an effective sales funnel, give sales-ready leads, create a strong sales pipeline, reduce the sales cycle, double conversion rates, support inside-sales, maintain the network of channel partners and quicken the efficiency and productivity of the overall sales process.

Some of the main reasons for you to choose us include -

Quality & Affordable Lead Generation
We give our customers with extremely flexible payment options and you have to pay only for the resources you use, number of agents, leads generated, etc. Taking our services, the only thing we assure you is that you will get only quality leads which drives your sales vertically upwards.

Transparency in Operations
We believe a transparent work ethics with customers make a healthy, stronger and long term bond and that's why we cater our customers with transparency and keep them updated at every level of the lead generation process.

Sufficient Infrastructure
We have equipped with proper network connections, most advanced call center devices and technologies, and proper office spaces to cater quality services to our client

Readily Scalable
We can quickly scale up or down the number of agents to manage lead generation as and when the demands arise

24/7 Availability
We appoint a dedicated project manager who will be responsible to provide solutions for all your problems and doubts 24/7 via phone or email


Inbound lead generation
Inbound lead generation is an effective way of writing contents and running campaigns that drive in more website visitors and turns them into leads. It does this by presenting your company as a brand and make it easily discoverable on search engines and social media platforms. It is economically less risky process and also effective because users feel that they are giving there contact information by their own in return of your valuable content, which should be really engaging or appealing to your customers.

Inbound lead generation is about precisely placing yourself or your company in the online market in such a way that your target customers reaches to you.

The important factor which we work here is on letting customers to control the time and platform of the engagement and also giving them power to choose whether they want to give their information or not. Valuable contents are used to establish trust, get attention and build a rapport.

Inbound lead generation uses search engines and social media platforms to get in contact with the content. Some of the strategies that can be recognised inbound are content marketing, SEO, lead nourishing,  blogging, live chat etc.

Outbound Lead Generation
Outbound lead generation is broadcasting or promoting of messages, contents or visuals out at a target customers, whether they have showed an interest or not. In this case you decide where and when you want to interact with customers.

Almost all the outbound lead generation strategies add some cost of running the campaign. Consumers today don't want to return to brands or campaigns that do not seem genuine and reliable.

Outbound marketing gives result faster if executed with accuracy and authenticity.

B2B Lead Generation Services

We create you a stable sales pipeline and bring more potential customers in front of you by setting up qualified appointments.

Determine — we first determine your target market, audience by using analysis, and organise a list of your end customers.

Identify Need— identify the need of the customer by various lead funneling tactics 

Building Rapport—build a connection with the chief decision-maker applying customized emails, case studies.

Schedule and convert—we fix the meeting, you seize the deal.

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B2C Lead Generation Services
We analyse and find the difficulties encountered by the customers and the weaknesses which are stopping a company from reaching to its customers. Our team makes a necessary plan to win these hurdles and get in touch with the potential customers, filter, and qualify the leads that are generated.